About Us

C.A.R.E. was established July 2, 2007, as a non-profit 501(c)3 volunteer organization. Our mission is to alleviate animal suffering by aiding abandoned, abused and neglected animals; reducing overpopulation and disease; and assisting responsible pet owners in meeting the needs of their own companion animals. We believe in the humane and ethical treatment of all animals.

100% of C.A.R.E. funds are used to maintain our rescue animals and to assist low-income families whenever possible. Assistance for responsible pet owners is available through our spay/neuter voucher program, by providing low-cost animal vaccinations, and helping the elderly and those with disabling illnesses provide adequate containment and shelter for their pets.

Please note that C.A.R.E. does not accept companion animals in cases where the rightful owner no longer wants his pet. We will, however, provide assistance to responsible owners as our resources permit. If you need to find a suitable home for your pet, we are happy to provide you with suggestions and contacts, provided you maintain custody and control of your own animal. Please remember that the health and welfare of your pet is your responsibility and opportunity. We need YOU to take care of yours, so WE can help the neediest of all companion animals — the dumped, neglected, abused and abandoned animals.

For more information about C.A.R.E., to become a member or volunteer, or to make a tax deductible donation, contact us at(254) 631-6937, email care.animalrescue@yahoo.com, or write to: C.A.R.E., P.O. Box 353, Mingus, Texas 76463.

We Need YOU!

We are a non profit organization and all of our funding comes from donations from loyal supporters like you. With local and surrounding areas help, we try to maintain help in the cities of Strawn, Mingus and Gordon and surrounding areas in southern Palo Pinto County. It is, well, difficult at best to do what it takes to find these animals, get their medical needs met and get them to new homes. The monetary needs are enormous. The majority of the donations and funds we receive pay our vet bills. Our rescues are spayed, neutered, microchipped, receive vaccinations and are wormed prior to adoption. Puppies and kittens are under an agreement that is adhered to for future vetting. We also, as funds allow, assist our communities with emergency vetting and help with personal pets. We have a voucher system with Texas West Animal Health, Millsap Vet Clinic, Dr. Kelly Bruner and Greens Creek Vet. This system allows us to be able to help our community with a low cost spay/neuter program. CARE currently has a small facility donated to for us to use with only 7 kennels for housing only 7 rescues. We have some foster family's and a small cat room. We financially maintain the building.

CARE Board Members

President- Danny Miller

Vice-President- Juanita Huddleston

Treasurer – Susan Wynne

Secretary- Juanita Formby

General Member- Mitzi Mann

General Member- Animal Welfare-Peggy McQueary

General Member- Melissa Mahan